The Guitar Shop Sessions

   These videos represent the last chances I had to play music with Ernie Trionfo. They are a blend of Home At Last and Glory Road musicians that wanted to spend time with their good friend and great musician doing what we all loved to do. It was recorded at Ernie’s Guitar Repair shop using a minimal amount of video and audio equipment. They show Ernie doing what he loved the most, which was playing his guitar. These videos allow me to see and remember my brother and best friend doing what we had done for over four decades…make music. I miss him more than words can express and my life is better for having known him both personally and musically.

Charles Andaloro

    It was Charlie who fittingly christened this project the Guitar Shop Sessions, a reunion of sorts that began in winter and ended in spring. In between, our final opportunities to play music with Ernie Trionfo became a process to preserve his musicianship and to celebrate our long-time friendship with him. It was a mix of work and play, conversation and laughter. Those moments now live only in the memories of those who shared them, but these videos, a testimony to our departed brother’s talents, are for everyone.
Vince Farinaccio

   The Guitar Shop Sessions, for me, brought a chance to turn back time for a brief moment and relive my Glory Road days. It was our love of music that first brought us together in the early 70’s but it was the bonds of the friendships formed that turned us into “family”!  As a family we celebrated many of life’s milestones together. And although our career choices took us in different directions we maintained our family connection. Enjoy these recordings where together, once again, we celebrate our love of making music and our love for our brother, Ernie Trionfo.

Katie Coltri (1/3 of Glory Road)

   I was privileged to share a position in this crazy band called Home At Last for 28 years. It wasn't nearly enough. When I was invited in at the beginning, I was frightened that Ernie was so much better than I was. I was right. But as was his way, he always made me feel like an equal. And I have to say here that Ernie NEVER had an equal, as is quite evident on the video clips from our “reunion” during these Guitar Shop Sessions. And I'm so glad that Katie was part of the proceedings giving us a slice of Glory Road too. It was all too short a project, as Ernie got invited to the greater jam session in the next world before we could do any more. I miss him.
Together, we were always home... at last.