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___ ROCKLINE is dedicated to offering the most practical and affordable way to show your presence on the Internet . No need to learn Computer Programing, Layout & Design, or buy Expensive Scanners. We ARE NOT an Internet Provider, but a World Wide Web Mall for Musicians and Music Info. We offer Placement in Our ROCKLINE Music Mall, Web Page Design & Support, for Bands & Artist to Promote Local Appearances, Original Music Releases on CD and Tape, Sound Clip Samples and Email Links to your personal Internet account.

___ This service is also available to Night Clubs to Promote"The Live Music" featured in your Club, a 24 hr a day Advertisement in Full Color at a Fraction of the Cost of Print Ads.

Merchants Get Involved in The Internet Today !

___ Our Mall is Open to All Music Related Businesses such as Music Stores, Recording Studios, Record & CD Music Stores, Repair Shops, Rental Shops and Sound Companies.

___ Don't be left in the Stone Ages ! Internet and The World Wide Web is a HOT Topic, Everyone is talking about it. There are stories weekly in Local News Papers, and on Local and National TV News showing the fast paced On-Line growth from users of all ages.

___ If you have your Promo Material Ready, you can be "On The Web" in a very short time. Photographers, Artists, and Writers are available on a Per Hour Rate.

___ Remember, Internet is International and No Mater Where You Are Located, We can help you promote Your Band and Business, Updating Your Web Pages , whether in NYC orCalifornia, to keep Your Customers and Fans Informed !

___ Why Should You Consider ROCKLINE as an alternative to your Own Personal Page that is now available with most Internet accounts ? The Main Reason is Exposure ! The Mall Concept Attracts Visitors and you have a Much Higher Chance of getting Your Page Viewed by New Visitors.

___ Your Friends and Loyal Customers will visit you anywhere, BUT Just like a Shopping Mall, Business attracts Business and a Visitor to the Mall will Find You since you are NOT ALONE !

Visit us at and Check Out The ROCKLINE Community.

Feel Free to Call us at the Above Number for Further Information.

Rockline is Owned and Operated by Southern Audio, P.O.Box 1045, Millville, NJ 08332

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